Feed Source:  Choose where the feed (CSV or XML file) should come from. select either an uploaded File or a URL.

Import Feed URL:  This field shows up if you select ‘URL’ as the feed source. Put the URL in here.

‘File Upload’ box: Not pictured. This field will show up if you select ‘upload file’ as the feed source. Click the box and choose the file you wish to upload.

Feed Format:  Specify whether your feed is XML or CSV format.

CSV Field Delimiter:  Determines character used to split your CSV file columns.

XML Product Tag:  If you are uploading an XML file, you will need to specify the product tag surrounding each product (see details previous page). If you are uploading a CSV file, you will need to specify the delimiter used in your file.


First Row Is Headings:  Untick this if your first CSV row is not headings, just product values.

Use Safe Headings:  If there are blank heading rows, or invalid characters in your headings this will use default heading values instead.

Unzip Feed:  If you upload a zip file, or the URL you specify hosts a zip file, the module can automatically unzip it once it is fetched. Check the box to enable this functionality.

File Encoding:  The file encoding of your file. If you have a non UTF-8 file, or characters are not importing correctly. Change this to match your import file.

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